Love being a Parent / Forced to be a Teacher

If you have school aged children right now, you have difficult choices when it comes to your child’s education.  (Unless you already homeschool.)   Being the parent of young adults, I am so glad I am not in your shoes.  I don’t believe there is a blanket right or wrong answer.  I believe there is a right answer for you and your particular family situation.  

I understand the complexity of your child’s education.  We had some circumstances when our kids were school-aged that forced us into difficult decisions when it came to education.  We homeschooled some and we sent our kids to school some.  It was a yearly decision.  We even had a child that went to school and one that was homeschooled part of the time.  We have done it all!  

I was not the superstar homeschool mom.  Can I be honest and say that I actually did not enjoy homeschooling?  I did it because it was the best choice at the time not because it was something I particularly wanted to do.  I assume a lot of you are in this same situation.

Here are a few words of encouragement for the parent forced into teaching:

1. You don’t have to like being a teacher

I would say, “I love being your parent, but I am not fond of being your teacher.”  It is OK to admit that.  We aren’t all called to be a homeschool parent.  It is especially hard when you may be balancing educating your child and working.  You are going to have good and bad days.  Give yourself a break.  You aren’t super human. Hopefully, this season won’t last long.

2.Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You don’t have to do this alone.  Ask your spouse or other family members for help.  Look for support through family, friends, church, the school system, online, or through homeschool groups.  You will have some tough days.  You need support.  

3.Pray a lot

Whenever it comes to our children, we need to PRAY A LOT!!  Nothing settles our hearts like prayer.  It is an acknowledgment that we are not alone.  That God is with us.  He is watching over us.  Ask Him for strength.  He will give it to you.  Remember, God loves our children even more than we do.  He holds them in His hands.  He will lead and guide you through this time.  It will all be OK and as one of my favorite passages in the Bible says, “This too shall pass.”